Can you get rich by trading forex

The first time I hear about Forex, I have many questions in my mine. Can I make money on Forex? Is Forex trading profitable? Can I get rich by trading Forex? ...

I did google a lot but I didn't have any clear answers and clues

I decided to find the answers myself. I opened my real Forex accounts and start trading and after 2 years of trading I have my own answers

  • Can I make money on Forex? Yes, I can.
  • Is Forex trading profitable? Yes, it is.
  • Can I get rich by trading Forex? Yes, of course I can.

But earning from Forex trading is not easy and it's not for amateurs. 95% get lost and only 5% can earn from Forex

Is there any way for amateurs and beginners to earn from Forex?

My answer is YES. You need follow a professional. You need to copy trades from professional traders.


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