A Profitable Strategy

I just want to share a profitable strategy that makes me money. Carefully for your trading make sure you have good knowledge on forex trading

You should trade with DEMO account before doing real trading


  1. Trade with leverage 1:20 (My trade account is Exness MT5)
  2. Target uptrend stocks in the S&P 500
  3. Time-frame 1-day
  4. 5% capital per trade and MAX 10 trades ( It should be 5% if the invested capital < $2000 and  3% if invested capital > $2000)
  5. Enter:
    • Price over 200 SMA
    • RSI2 ≤ 5
    • Using limit buy order with price = current price – 2%
  6. Review everyday:
    • Take profit if the change > 2% or it is 10 day-long
    • Stop loss if the change < -7% or it is 10 day-long

Why leverage 1:20?

I see a lot of people using leverage 1:500 but I only use leverage 1:20 for my trades. It helps protect my account from ZERO balance

Target uptrend S&P 500 stocks

S&P 500 stocks issued by large-cap companies. The companies have good businesses they will never fall down too fast in one of few days.  The list of S&P 500 companies

1-day Timeframe

  1. I don’t want to busy with forex trading. I just need about 30mins to 1hour/day for the trading
  2. The target of the strategy is stocks-market. it only open 6hours/day not whole days

Risk management 

It depends on your capital and the risk you can take with your money. But all open trades should take amount ≤50% of your capital.

My case:

  1. My capital < $2000 then I need to use 5% per trade if not I could not place my order
  2. MAX open-trades is 10 to make sure it takes a total amount ≤ 50% my capital

Enter trade

  1. The price over 200 SMA to indicate it is up-trend market
  2. RSI2 < 5: The price expected will be up again
Profitable Strategy Chart


My account opened on 09/28/2020 with started amount about $450

My report on 01/06/2021:

My totally deposit: $1857

My withdrawal: $100

Currently balance: $2327

My Profit: $570

% Profit: 32% 

Profitable Strategy - Report on 01/06/2021
Result on 01/06/2021


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