Copy Trade on Exness Social Trading

Do you want to earn money without learn Forex trading?

Do you want to earn money without trading?

Do you want to earn money without spending time on trading?

You known Forex trading is very painful to beginner even thought you are in at intermediate. Sometime the marker is going crazy and you lost your money.

You don’t need to spend to much time on learning Forex trading knowledge don’t need to build your strategies don’t need to spend time on trading and worry about the market. Just let professional traders do it and you just copy from them

I built few strategies on Exness social trading. it will help you earn money without manually trading.

Steps to copy Trade on Exness Social Trading

  1. If you don’t have a Exness account you need open one at Exness
  2. Download and install “Exness social trading” on your mobile phone (on App Store or CH Play)
  3. Login to Exness social trading app with your exness account
  4. Deposit to your account on social trading app (you should begin with small amount from $10 to $50 )
  5. open phone camera to scan QR code (or open link )
exness social trading QR code

Click to open the app as the screenshot

exness social trading app

From the application click “open new investment” button to copy my trading strategy

exness social trading new investment

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